Tooth Fracture Treatment Jaipur

Tooth Fracture Treatment Jaipur

Causes and Management of Tooth fracture: Tooth Fracture Treatment Jaipur

What is a tooth fracture: Tooth Fracture Treatment Jaipur

A tooth fracture or a cracked tooth is a condition when a crack appears in the tooth structure. The crack can be small and harmless or may even split the tooth into parts. Older people and young children are two age groups more prone to fracture. However, tooth fractures can happen to anyone at any anytime. Tooth Fracture Treatment Jaipur mainly depends on the type of fracture and the severity of the fracture. 

In this blog, we will briefly discuss the causes, types and ways of Tooth Fracture Treatment Jaipur- brought to you by Dental SolutionS, Shyam Nagar

Types of tooth fracture: Tooth Fracture Treatment Jaipur

Cracked tooth

A crack line runs from the external tooth surface of the teeth towards the gum line. The cracked tooth can be at the crown level or may extend up to the root of the tooth

Craze lines

They are tiny crack lines that are present only on the external surface of the teeth. They do not cause any pain in the tooth.

Fracture of the cusp

The cusp is an important feature of the tooth that helps in chewing food, biting onto hard food items like raw fruits and vegetable are potentially injurious to the cusp.

Split tooth

The damage to the tooth can be so severe that it can split your tooth into two halves.

Root fracture

The root portion of the tooth can be fractured both horizontally and vertically. The root fracture prognosis depends on the fracture line level and the fracture’s direction.

Common causes of tooth fracture: Tooth Fracture Treatment Jaipur


With age, like all other body parts, your teeth also weaken in strength. The worn-out tooth structure is more prone to fracture.

Food items

Eating extremely hard food items like raw fruits and vegetables can damage the tooth, especially when the tooth is treated with a dental filling or root canal treatment.


Parafunctional habits like nail biting and chewing on pens or pencils can harm tooth structure. Teeth grinding or bruxism is also a habit that needs supervision and early intervention.


Direct trauma in an accident or while playing contact sports can majorly cause tooth trauma. 

Various options to treat: Tooth Fracture Treatment Jaipur

Dental bonding

Using composite bonding material to repair tooth fractures is a common aesthetic procedure. Composite is a durable material that bonds well with the tooth to support the weakened structure. Our cosmetic dentists will use the material to mold it into the desired shape to mimic a natural tooth.


Enameloplasty or tooth reshaping or recontouring is done in minor tooth trauma cases where only the enamel is chipped off, and there is no pain in the tooth.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment, or RCT, is a procedure done when a tooth fracture involves the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns or caps are prostheses given to support the weakened tooth structure, especially after a root canal treatment.


In severe cases, the tooth fracture treatment Jaipur is extraction when all the possible treatment options to save the tooth fails.

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