Dr Neha Bhargava

Associate Doctor

Dr Neha Bhargava

M.D.S. (Paediatric & Preventive Dentistry)

Dr. Neha Bhargava is a well-known paediatric dentist. She is loved by our patients for her excellent handling of paediatric cases.

She has a gift of turning a non-co-operative, crying child into a smiling patient who loves visiting the dentists for routine checkups.

She takes her time in developing a rapport with the kid, explaining everything that needs to be done in plain simple words and then move forward with the treatment.

Apart from emergency treatments, she has done a lot of work in aesthetics amongst kids. Deep understanding of child psychology has immensely helped her stay on top in the field.

Dr. Neha is working with Dental SolutionS since 2013.

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