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Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

Regular Dental Hygiene maintenance is a must. But then there are a lot of other things that should be taken into consideration. Like, the tooth brushing habits, deleterious habits and even after controlling or checking that there are some deposition of calculus or stains on the tooth surface that can’t be cleaned by brushing. This is where Teeth Cleaning and Polishing comes into the picture.

Ideally, the procedure can be done by visiting our dental clinics and it is recommended that one must visit for their Teeth Cleaning and Polishing once every 6 months at least. This is nonabrasive and we don’t use any harmful chemicals for the same. This ensures that your tooth is reserved and no damage is done during the process.

The Removal of Tartar, Calculus, and plaque is done superficially with the use of ultrasonic instruments.

Why Teeth Cleaning and Polishing?

The most common problem each one of us faces is bad oral odor and bleeding gums and in some cases pyorrhea. The solution to this problem is mostly done by enhancing your entire oral hygiene. Furthermore, Teeth cleaning involves the use of ultrasonic instruments like Dental Scalar. This helps in the removal of superficial stains and tartar from the tooth surfaces. And this entire process is then followed by polishing.

Polishing smoothes the tooth surfaces and hence prevents the tooth surfaces from attracting more deposits.

Are you the right candidate for Teeth Cleaning and Polishing?

Yes, absolutely almost all the individuals are the right candidate for teeth cleaning and polishing. This is a mandatory process that has to be done every 6 months.

It is highly recommended for patients who are actually having habits like smoking, tobacco chewing, betel nut chewing, etc.

Additionally, this also helps in getting rid of the bad oral odor –  which is the most common complaint by our patients. it also helps in bleeding gums. 

Cost of Teeth Cleaning and Polishing in Jaipur

The cost of Teeth Cleaning and Polishing varies from case to case. There is some patient who needs multiple appointments so that we can also help them with their deep scaling. Whereas some patients need only one appointment. For more information please in touch with our team, we’ll help you out.

Food items to avoid  and care after Teeth Cleaning and Polishing done

Avoid all foods that contain artificial colored foods

Soda, caffeinated drinks, tea, and coffee must be taken in moderation

Apart from this quit all the deleterious habits like smoking, tobacco chewing and pan chewing, etc.