Dr Vaibhav Nepalia

Clinical Director

Dr. Vaibhav Nepalia

M.D.S. (Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics), Gold Medalist

Dr. Vaibhav Nepalia secured the first position in state, and earned a gold medal in the field of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics.
He has worked extensively on myofunctional orthopaedics and has been commended for his excellent results.

His exhaustive research work on orthodontic mini-screw implants has been praised by eminent personalities in the field of orthodontics. Dr. Nepalia was first in state to introduce the finite element method into his research work, and proved that “Rocket science” when combined with medical and bioengineering research can produce amazing results for the benefit of patients.

Dr. Vaibhav Nepalia’s research on Temporary Anchorage Devices using FEM models was presented at American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session-2015, held at San Francisco, USA.

He is the first doctor in state to attend a one to one session with Dr. Prof. John Mew and implement concepts of Orthotropics and Facial Growth Guidance to the benefit of pre-pubertal patients.

Adult Orthotropics has proved to a boon to patients with MPDS. Dr. Nepalia and his team have produced fine results in the field of orthognathic surgery, chin and nose surgery and facial asymmetry correction.

He has also undergone exhaustive training in invisible orthodontic aligners which can correct irregularly placed teeth without braces.

Dr. Nepalia is an active member of Indian Orthodontic Society, American Dental Association, Rajasthan Orthodontic Study Group, Indian Dental Association, and Rajasthan Dental Association and is well known as an excellent speaker.

He keeps attending CDE programs to keep his skill set sharp.

He delivered a scientific presentation and was invited to chair a session at the 52nd Indian Orthodontic Conference.

He left his academic career at Jaipur Dental College to enter full time clinical practice.