Root Canal Alternatives Jaipur

Root Canal Alternatives Jaipur

Do I have other options: Root Canal Alternatives Jaipur

When is RCT indicated: Root Canal Alternatives Jaipur

Root canal treatment is one of the most common treatments in routine dentistry. When tooth decay reaches the center of the tooth, the nerves and blood vessels cause immense pain. A false notion attached to the procedure is harrowing and weakens your tooth. RCT is a minimally invasive, painless procedure and can instantly relieve your pain.

The most common question asked to Dr. Vaibhav, our chief dentist at Dental Solutions, Shyam Nagar, is, “ Do I have other options?” like many others, you must be wondering if there are any alternative procedures. The information provided below will briefly discuss the alternate options available- brought to you by Dental Solutions, Shyam Nagar.

What are your other options: Root Canal Alternatives Jaipur

Direct pulp capping: Root Canal Alternatives Jaipur

Direct pulp capping, or DPC, is a standard root canal alternative by Dr. Vaibhav at Dental Solutions, Shyam Nagar. It prevents severe damage to the pulp, thereby preventing root canal treatment. The material used for pulp capping is mainly calcium hydroxide, and using it forms a mechanical barrier over the pulp to avoid the ingress of the bacteria. 

Calcium released from the capping material also helps in the formation of the second layer of the tooth, called Dentin. The dentin formed also helps protect the pulp and eliminates the need for root canal treatment. The latest material used for pulp capping is MTA or mineral trioxide aggregate, which creates a mineral barrier and works similarly to protect the pulp.

Pulpotomy: Root Canal Alternatives Jaipur

Pulpotomy is a procedure in which the pulp is partially removed from the canal space. It is similar to root canal therapy in that only the coronal half of the pulp in the crown portion of the tooth is removed. Root canal treatment is called pulpectomy, where the complete nerves and blood vessels are eliminated, and the space is thoroughly cleaned. In pulpotomy, the root portion is saved, and it is a typical practice done in children where preserving the root portion is used to its advantage. The nerves and blood vessels in the root space help the root formation and complete development of the tooth.

Now the question arises can it be done in adults? Yes, it can be done in adults but is restricted to be done only in emergency cases where opening the chamber and cleaning the coronal half is done to give some sort of pain relief before the actual root canal treatment in subsequent appointments.

Tooth extraction: Root Canal Alternatives Jaipur

Tooth extraction is the process of removing the tooth entirely from its socket. Tooth extraction is often the last resort to other options for saving the tooth. It is not suggested to go in for extraction until and unless your tooth can not be saved. The extraction is done under local anesthesia and is entirely painless. The space created by extraction must be filled with a replacement tooth in the form of Implants, a dental bridge, or a removable partial denture. 

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