Aligners vs Braces

Aligners vs Braces

Aligners vs Braces – Which is good for you? 

The two most common treatment options for straightening your misaligned teeth are dental braces and clear aligners. Braces are the traditional way of straightening, whereas clear aligners are the latest way of alignment. At Dental Solutions Jaipur, our experts provide both types of treatment based on your conditions and specific dental needs. Now the question comes: Which one is better for you? The Aligners vs Braces debate is very common; we have curated this blog post to answer this doubt. We will compare braces and aligners based on various criteria in the below information. Based on this comparison, we will try to figure out which is better- brought to you by Dental Solutions Jaipur.

Aligners vs Braces- Based on various factors

Based on appearance

Braces generally have a dark metallic appearance that could be more aesthetic and appealing to the eyes. There are other variants of dental braces, like ceramic braces, that are tooth colored and are comparatively more aesthetic. On the other hand, clear aligners are clear transparent plates designed to fit over the tooth snugly. They are more aesthetic than braces and are popular among teenagers because of their superior aesthetics. 

Based on usage

It is a common notion that aligners are not used for all cases. However, both braces and clear aligners can be used for correcting all kinds of misalignments. The treatment duration and preparation for the same might vary. The exact treatment plan is discussed after carefully examining your case. 

Based on mechanics

Dental braces are a system of brackets and wires that are attached to the teeth. Clear aligners are transparent plates that fit snugly over the teeth. The mechanism of action remains the same for both as light continuous pressure is applied over the misaligned teeth. This gentle pressure on the teeth causes some molecular level changes in the bone, leading to its remodeling. Due to the changes in the bone, teeth are moved slowly into their desired position.

Based on aftercare

The aftercare regime plays an important role in the success of alignment treatment. Taking care of your teeth and gums during the treatment is important. The plaque accumulation can lead to gum problems that can hinder your teeth’ alignment process if it progresses to an advanced stage. 

Based on compliance

Compliance with aligners depends on the user, as they are removable in nature. Due to its removability factor, the clear aligners do not have any dietary restrictions. However, wearing the aligners for the maximum duration for optimum results is important. The total time for which you need to wear the aligners depends upon the severity of your case and your current dental status. Compliance is never an issue for braces as the brackets are fixed onto the teeth, and you can’t remove them yourself. 

The final thought – Aligners vs Braces

The bottom line of this discussion is that aligners and braces work well for misaligned teeth. However, it is important to complete your examination to know which suits your case better. The treatment choice depends upon your current dental status and specific dental needs. 

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