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Teeth Whitening

Teeth play an important part in giving you and your face an appealing look. most of the time we are seeing that people are afraid to smile because of their yellowish or stained looking teeth.  Teeth Whitening is a procedure that involves the application of some whitening chemicals, these Chemicals help in reducing the stains and the yellow part of the tooth.

Why Teeth Whitening?

The teeth whitening procedure is basically for people who have discolored, yellow or brownish looking teeth. These can be because of drinking too much wine coffee cola or eating colored foods.

In some cases when there is a trauma to the tooth there may be a chance that your tooth make gets discolored. And in such cases, we advise you to go for root canal treatment and after that for a teeth bleaching session. You can ask about this to your dentist if you have a history of a fall.

Misconception about Teeth Whitening

There is a misconception that teeth whitening may lead to sensitivity and sometimes people come and say that teeth whitening is not good for them.

There is no such thing as that, teeth whitening is beneficial and safe as far as the treatment part of it concerned.

There are usually two ways by which we can go ahead with the teeth bleaching sessions:

In-Office Bleach:

Ideally In-Office Bleach you are supposed to visit our Clinic and there we will do the procedure for 45 to 60 minutes. The chemical is applied by taking care of your gums and we use a specialized laser device so that the chemical removes the stains and lightens your teeth.

Home Bleach:

In some cases, we may provide a home bleaching solution for you. We will be providing you with some transparent trays that can hold the whitening gel. 

You are supposed to place the whitening gel in the trays and you have to put it in your mouth for some time. This process can be repeated multiple times depending on the expectation of the shade of the tooth.

Comparatively this process is slower as compared to the in-office power bleach technique.

The results:

Usually, if you maintain your oral hygiene and prevent yourself from having a lot of colored drinks and foods, the results of teeth whitening last longer.

But because of your age and the life of the treatment, you are supposed to get a teeth whitening checkup done once again after 6 to 8 months.

As far as the shade is concerned we will be explaining to you about your expectation versus the results one teeth whitening session can provide you with.

Depending on that we can always schedule multiple appointments instead of just one so that you get the desired shade of the tooth.

Cost of Teeth Whitening in Jaipur 

Teeth whitening process usually involves teeth cleaning and polishing session prior to going for the application and activation using lasers. 

The exact treatment cost varies on your present situation and your expected tooth shade. This is because we have to use the materials accordingly and sometimes we have to schedule two teeth whitening sessions instead of one.