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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

There are majorly two parts of the tooth. The crown and the root. The crown possesses the uppermost layers of the tooth and the root possesses the pulp. The pulp of the tooth contains the nerves and the blood vessels that make the tooth alive. Sometimes, maybe because of some decay or because of fracture in the tooth the infection goes to the pulp and beyond. In such cases, we advise you to go for a Root Canal Treatment.

The procedure is carried out under a local anesthetic agent that makes the process painless. Furthermore, we are supposed to place an artificial crown over the tooth after the root canal treatment is done. This is because the tooth after getting into the root canal treatment makes it brittle and to provide extra safety and care to the tooth a crown is prescribed. 

Why Root Canal Treatment?

The most common causes that show that a person is supposed to go for root canal treatment are, are pain on chewing or pain during the whole day, this pain may get worsened during nights. 

There are cases where we are seen patients having sensitivity to cold or hot foods. Sometimes a particular tooth may become dark or discolored because of trauma, this is also suggestive of root canal treatment.

Apart from this, a long-standing dental infection in the jaw bone is also a suggestion that you should go for root canal treatment. All these things need a confirmation for which we need, a radiograph or a CBCT so that we are able to diagnose and help you with the treatment.

Are you the right candidate for a Root Canal Treatment?

In most cases, almost the majority of the patients with similar complains and signs are the right candidate for a Root Canal Treatment.

But, we prescribe you with a local anesthetic agent so that you won’t feel pain during the process. Sometimes, patients may show signs of allergy from the local anesthetic agents.

In such cases, we do a prior sensitivity testing and find out the right local anesthetic agent for you and after that, we’ll proceed with the procedure.

Apart from this, if you have a history of any heart disease or ailment in the last 6 months, we generally would seek permission from your cardiologist before proceeding with the root canal treatment.

Similarly, in cases of pregnant females, we would want you to share the history with us so that we’ll be able to make calculated suggestions for you and that is going to help in the treatment. Root Canal Treatment is generally avoided in pregnancy but only a few cases we would want you to go ahead with the treatment.

For better clarifications on the same, please get back to us to our Dental Clinics and Book an Appointment with us.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Jaipur

During a Root Canal Treatment, multiple X Rays are shot so as to estimate the intermediate steps of the treatment and this helps in finalizing the treatment also. Apart from this, there are cases where you may need multiple appointments to get the Root Canal Treatment done. All of this adds up to the cost of the treatment and hence the cost varies from case to case.

For a better understanding of the same, please book an appointment with us. We would love to help you out.

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There is also one more treatment option available known as Lingual Braces, these braces are placed from the tongue side of the tooth. This helps to keep the braces invisible from the people. Not every patient is advised to go for this procedure as there are certain factors that govern the success rates of Lingual Braces. For more information on Lingual Braces, please book an appointment and visit our clinics.