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Dental Braces

Who doesn’t want a symmetrical beautiful smile? Abnormalities like crooked, spaced and crowded teeth can be aligned perfectly once again with braces. Most of these abnormalities occur during the age of 11-16 years. Treatment using braces gives a boost to your personality.

Are you the right candidate for Dental Braces?

If you feel that when you look yourself into the mirror your smile doesn’t feel right. Yes, Dental Braces are for you. The exact use and management using Dental Braces start with the early diagnosis of the issues and problems.

Most of these issues can be detected by your Orthodontist. This is one reason why we ask all our patients to visit our clinics on a regular basis, at least 4-5 months. A detailed consultation should be done before getting the treatment started.

Professional photographs and models are made before the treatment is started so that we can both analyze your case and can formulate the treatment plan for you.

We may ask you for several OPG X-Rays, these X-Rays are beneficial in ensuring the selection and formulation of the perfect treatment plan for you.

All the Dental Brace treatment is often started after fixing all other dental issues like Root Canal Treatment, Teeth Cleaning, and Polishing, and cavities (if any).

Ideally, the entire treatment regime goes on for more than a year and in some cases may go beyond that.

Dental Braces are often followed by the final phase where we provide you with retainers. These retainers hold the tooth in their new position for some time, this enhances the firm attachment of the tooth in the jawbones.

Cost of Dental Braces in Jaipur

There is a lot of factors that govern your Dental Braces treatment. These factors can be your age, body type, gender, type of severity and smile defect and many more. All of these factors finalize the treatment plan in the nutshell and the course and duration of the treatment.

All of the above data finalize the treatment cost for your Dental Braces.

Cost of Metal Braces in Jaipur

Metal braces are made of medical-grade steel.

They are distinctly visible and are good for young kids who do not have much concern even if their braces show too much. 

The price of braces depends upon many factors including but not limited to the condition and position of teeth and gums, age of patient, type & duration of braces required.

The treatment charge ranges from ₹22,000 to ₹54,000 for a six-month to two-year-long treatment.

Cost of Ceramic Braces in Jaipur

Ceramic Braces in Jaipur are made of medical-grade ceramics & plastics.

They are less visible and are good for school & college kids. These Ceramic braces are less seen when a patient smiles as compared to metal braces. 

The treatment charges for Ceramic Braces in Jaipur ranges between ₹38,000 to ₹72,000 for a six-month to two-year-long treatment. 

Payment can be made in 3 or 4 EMIs.

Cost of Colorful Dental Braces in Jaipur

Colorful Dental Braces in Jaipur are made of medical-grade ceramics & plastics. 

The colors can be changed on every visit.

They are loved by school & college-going kids who like to accessorize their smiles just like their clothes!

Red, Orange, Blue, Pink, Purple, and Yellow are the most commonly chosen colors! 

The treatment charge for Colorful Dental Braces in Jaipur ranges between ₹42,000 to ₹76,000 for a six-month to two-year-long treatment. 

Payment can be made in 3 or 4 EMIs.

Dental Braces: Types

Majorly there are three types of Dental Braces that we advise our patients.

  1. Metal Braces
  2. Ceramic Braces
  3. Invisible Braces (Invisalign)

1. Metal Braces

Metal, as the name, is made up of major steel. So the wires and the brackets are visible on your teeth. The only disadvantage here is the look and feel of the braces. Patients normally prefer something that is not visible to people and not metal braces but these are much cheaper than Ceramic Braces and Invisible Braces.

2. Ceramic Braces

Ceramic, as the name, is made up of Ceramic. The wires and brackets are made of ceramic which is white in color. These are much more preferred by the patients, reason being; These are whitish in color and hence their color can be overlapped with the color of the teeth and are not easily visible to people when you smile.

3. Invisible Braces (Invisalign)

The best and the latest treatment option available in the market is Invisalign. These are sets of braces that are invisible in color. No one can see these even from a distance. This is the biggest advantage of Invisalign treatment. The procedure is barely painful and the patient are always at ease. 

For more information on Dental Braces, please book an appointment and visit our clinics.

There is also one more treatment option available known as Lingual Braces, these braces are placed from the tongue side of the tooth. This helps to keep the braces invisible from the people. Not every patient is advised to go for this procedure as there are certain factors that govern the success rates of Lingual Braces. For more information on Lingual Braces, please book an appointment and visit our clinics.